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5 totally random questions with rising star Nolan Rapoza




SurfersVillage Interview 

Growing up on a rare waveless stretch of SoCal coast keeps Nolan driven to find surf

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 11 January, 2017 - The beach front in Long Beach California is waveless thanks to a break wall several miles long. The port town is known for the Queen Mary, Snoop Dogg, retirees, retro hipsters and most recently, surfer Nolan Rapoza.

Growing up on a surf-starved chunk of SoCal keeps Nolan driven to find surf - much the way Courtney Conlogue had to search out surf from inland Santa Ana - and has helped him grow a deep drive when it comes to competitive surfing. And he's quite successful at it.

The kid bagged three national titles in one year and helped Team USA bring home the gold at the ISA Worlds.

So how does a well honed contest machine like Mr. Rapoza respond to 4-totally-and-1-not-so random questions? We found out.

Name three things that make Long Beach the best city in the world?
Straw Hat Pizza, Snoop Dogg and the skating are what make Long Beach the best city in the world.

You're quite the competitive surfer, what do you do if you see a shark during your heat? If paddling in meant losing the heat would you do it and why?
Depends on how big the shark was and what heat I was in. If it was a huge tiger shark in my first heat of an NSSA I would paddle in. But if it was a QS 10,000 no shark could scare me out of the water.

If you were abducted by a UFO would you share that information with people or keep it a secret?
Keep it a secret I don't want anyone thinking I'm crazy and wouldn't want the government running test on me. Haha.

You are the CEO of a Fortune 500 company and have to decide between laying off 100 workers or telling the board that company profits dipped this last quarter and it's all your fault?
Well if it is my fault then of course I am going to take the blame instead of ruining 100 people's lives.

Worst name ever for a band, and why?
Back Street Boys and do I really need to explain why? Haha



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