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The Art of Slow Travel: How to make the most of your trips




Slow travel allows you to take in everything around you on a deeper level

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 23 September, 2017 - The best part of surfing is that the world is your oyster. Travelling and surfing go together, and to truly make the most of your trip, you need to practice slow travel.

Slow travel is a movement that began in the 1980s, and though it means slightly different things to different people, it essentially boils down to this: taking your time. This could mean renting a place and exploring the immediate neighbourhood, or it can mean choosing experiences over seeing as many sights as you can. When you are in a new town for surfing, try out these slow-travel experiences to have a well-rounded trip:

Eat at Local Markets

Eat at the local markets for the best experiences. These markets host local farmers and culinary experts, so you’ll be sure to get a true taste of the area you are . As an added benefit, you are directly helping local farmers and chefs. If there are no markets open near you, try asking the locals what their favourite restaurants are. You could find some truly special gems.

Walk Around the City

Regardless of whether you set aside a day or go every afternoon, walk around the city. You cannot see and know a city until you’ve wandered through its streets. Don’t make it a mad dash to see every sight, but instead take time to get lost. See the beauty of the city, and discover hidden gems.

Attend Events

Local events are perfect for any slow because they are the epitome of experience. Whether you look for a live show on or you walk by a club that has music you love, fill your time with activities and events that you can’t experience anywhere else. Nothing makes better memories than a once-in-a-lifetime live show.

Make New Friends

If you are sociable and friendly, making friends will come to you. Making friends in a new city can be a great way to explore and discover. The best place to start is the hostel or hotel that you are staying . Other surfers – both tourists and locals – are also great people to make friends . Make friends, share laughs, and enjoy everything the area has to offer.

Take Photographs

Taking your time to take nice photographs can improve your memory of the trip. This means that instead of just taking the easiest snapshot of a building, look for angles that truly capture its beauty. The more you consider the best way to take the picture, the better you will remember it years down the line. As a bonus, your photos will be much better!

When you visit a new place to surf, you should remember to take a break from the waves and explore the surrounding area. There is history, culture, food and laughs to be found. Opt for slow travel and don’t make a massive to-do list that you have to rush through. Take your time and enjoy the surprises and beauty of every place you visit.


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