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Aussie insurance policy aimed at fin gashes & shark attacks

Great White Shark © Elias Levy



Shark Updates

$50K paid out for death from shark attack

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 29 April, 2016 - A new program is being offered in Australia for surfers who wish to insure themselves against surf-time injury and death - including at the hands, er teeth, of a shark and other marine life.

1Love Surfing Club partnered with Mona Vale insurance to offer the policy in which a surfer’s benefactor could claim up to $50k in the event of a shark-caused death.

Benny Bradley, founder of 1 Love Surfing club, told the Daily Telegraph that surfers’ growing concerns over shark attacks was the driving force behind creating the policy.

“I think everybody who surfs is always kind of thinking about sharks,” he said in the article with the Daily Telegraph. “That was one of the reasons why I thought ‘why not do some kind of insurance?'”

The policy on 1LoveSurfing’s website reads: Peace of mind is a wonderful thing especially considering how many dangers we surfers face every time we enter the water, like rock jumps, fin chops, heavy wipeouts, sharks and so on. Now when getting away for those epic surf trips up or down the coast, it’s good to know you are covered against major surfing injuries. 

If interested, the Surfers Insurance policy costs $130 per year.

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