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Bethany Hamilton dishes all in new "Wild Idea" podcast

Bethany Hamilton © WSL/Sloane



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Bethany the latest guest on popular podcast "Wild Ideas Worth Living"

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 2 February, 2017 - Bethany Hamilton is one of the most empowering surfers of all time. She's had many wild ideas, from continuing to surf despite losing her left arm, to surfing giant waves at Jaws in Maui last year, starting a non-profit to help others, having a baby, speaking in front of crowds of 20k plus, and now making a movie, Unstoppable.

Bethany is the focus of the latest episode of Wild Ideas Worth Living, a new podcast that explores the lives and actions of those who live, well, differently.

Surf journalist Shelby Stanger created the popular program when she saw a need to explore the lives of those who live outside of normal convention. When most of us hear about someone who drops everything to travel the world we say: "oh, cool," and leave it at that. This show focuses on those people who have acted on their wild ideas.

"Nothing gets in the away of Bethany achieving her dreams," said Stanger of the episode.

Click Here to Listen to the Half Hour Episode

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