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Bradley Surfboards show off some of their favorite models

€650 - €660

Christaan Bradley “Killer”
The Killer is wide-point forward template that harkens back to boards of yesteryear. The wide-point forward, while not as extreme as some designs on the market, provides more paddle-friendly performance and early entry into waves. The back half of the board's curvey outline helps it fit in hollow waves while the swallow tail helps the board release and hold in critical turns.

Christaan Bradley “Pie” 
 The Pie takes a very straight, template and breaks it at the diamond tail with a set of wings. The effect of this design is lots of speed through throughout the board with added release from a tail designed to break contact with the water. The board is designed for slow surf but works in surf with a push to it as well.

Christaan Bradley “New Barcelona”
For when the waves get really small the New Barcelona is designed to get you up and riding in the smallest of surf. With a straight template and fat nose and tail combined with a double-barrel concave, everythign about this board is designed to create lift and speed. But the board still holds to some performance characteristics with a hard edge along the squash tail. With five-fin option can be ridden as quad or thruster

Christiaan Bradley “Gladiator” 
Made for small surf but still retaining high performance shortboard characteristics, the Gladiator is Leo Fioravanti's favorite small wave surfboard. Design features wider template and low entry rocker.


Christiaan Bradley “Chocolatine” 
If you have just one surfboard this 'quiver killer' is the one. Designed to surf everything from good waves to waist-high slop the Chocolatine incorporates a wide-point forward template for easy paddling with a pulled in pin tail for hold and bite in hollow waves. With the five-fin option it can be ridden as a quad or a thruster.



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