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Docu-drama highlights booming Jamaican surf scene..


Scene from 'Surf Rasta' : photo courtesy Rick Elgood Films


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Surfing in Jamaica will soon hit the big screen

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 13 May, 2009 : - - A docudrama based on the development of the sport in Jamaica is scheduled for release in the Caribbean in mid-June. The 76-minute feature length film dubbed Surf Rasta combines surfing and skateboarding scenes highlighting the journey of Anthony 'Billy' Wilmot, and sons Inilek, Icah and Ishack in relation to the emergence and continuation of the sport in Jamaica.

The film took five years to be completed and has a similar storyline to the Jamaican movie Cool Runnings. It sees the surfing team fulfilling their dreams to compete in the World Surfing Games in Ecuador.

Director Rick Elgood said he was motivated to produce the docudrama while filming a scene from the movie One Love. He said while at the Norman Manley International Airport, he came across the team on their arrival back to the island from an international competition.

"I bumped into them when they had only been to one or two international surfing competitions," Elgood said. "I hadn't seen skateboards in Jamaica and they were really just about the only ones who had them and were practising surfing and skateboarding," Elgood said.

Elgood said he immediately seized the opportunity and saw it as a fantastic move to have the team involved in the One Love movie at the time. "I got them into a couple of scenes skateboarding in the background. I wanted to give it a contemporary type of feel," he said. After discovering how far they were into surfing, he said he decided to make the docudrama about the start of and development of surfing in Jamaica.

"I felt it was a really wonderful thing to be doing in Jamaica, as it is a relatively cheap sport that any kid or youth can do," Elgood said. He indicated that the production of the film was difficult because it was an independent documentary and hence the length of time it took for completion.

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Source : Jamaica Gleaner News

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