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Electric Sponsors and Hosts the First Ever Chinese Olympic Surf Team



Team Updates

Chinese Olympic Surf Team coached by former world champ Peter Townend

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 14 September, 2017 - Biarritz, France - Electric announced their endorsement of the recently created, first ever, Chinese Olympic Surf Team. In conjunction with the endorsement, the Chinese Olympic Surf Team visited the United States for the first time, staying in Orange County and competing in their first ever friendly competition with the National Champion San Clemente High School Surf Team.

Fully branded in their Chinese Olympic Surf Team van provided by Electric for the duration of their trip, the team stopped by Electric headquarters to meet with the Electric family, including CEO Eric Crane, and pick up their endorsement sunglasses and accessories.

Crane explains the vision behind the endorsement: “The Electric brand is proud to play a role in expanding surf culture to new geographies. The opportunity that the Olympics will bring to the sport goes far beyond the competition. The lifestyle, and feeling of stoke that comes with surfing, is a truly an international language.”

The Chinese Olympic Surf Team is coached by former ASP World Champion Surfer, the legendary Australian Peter Townend.

Townend elaborates on the partnership with Electric: “Having Electric come on board to sponsor the team for our Camp California is great for the China Surfing Team, and the team kids love the “sunnies.” This is their first support from a brand in the United States. This team is showcasing the sport of surfing in the Chinese market as we head towards surfing in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and Electric will be right at the forefront of that!”

With the announcement that surfing will be joining the 2020 Olympic games, China established their Olympic Surf Team this year. Peter Townend was named their premiere coach in March. The team consists of both men and women.


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