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Euroglass launch Gladiator model in new LC6 technology



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Christiaan Bradley shape taps alternative eps/carbon construction

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 5 June, 2017 - Euroglass and Christiaan Bradley announced today the official launch of their Gladiator model in LC6 technology. The Gladiator is team rider Leo Fioravanti's signature board and the LC6 tech is a specialized EPS/carbon build. The board has no stringer..

"We chose EPS for its excellent buoyancy allowing a rider to reduce his standard volume if needed allowing for tighter turns in the critical sections of the wave," said Bradley. "The stringerless EPS core allowed us to control the flex using a carbon laminations on the board. This concept on the LC6 Gladiator concentrates stiffness under your feet where you can generate drive while surfing."

The carbon bands on this design create the signature bracket shape on the deck of the board under the rider's front foot. The carbon bands also extend into a parallel formation along the rails while a center carbon strip runs down the center of the bottom deck.

The company says the combination provides a more sensitive flex and gives more drive and speed and works in both the small stuff and above average days.




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