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FCS and Matt Biolos update Mayhem's Shaper Series fin



Industry Updates

Flat-foil fin gets makeover with a carbon tissue inlay and new graphics

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 22 December, 2017 - FCS and Matt Biolos have been collaborating on fins for some years now, and the company ecently updated his Shaper Series FCS II MB fins with new materials and aesthetics.

Tech Info:

-    Available in S, M and L sizes. (M + L = Tri or Tri-Quad options)
-    Same template scaled across three sizes.
-    Flat foil on the side fins, 80/20 foil on the quad rears.
-    Customised graphics tie back to the LOST brand.

MB’s fins have been updated with a carbon tissue inlay that gives the fin a very uniform flex pattern from base to tip, and provides a very positive feel when turning. The small and medium sizes have also been spec’d with a touch more flex in the top 1/3rd of the fins to better suit these weight classes.

"Sitting in the Reactor Family, the FCS II MB is considered a high performance fin because it responds fast, but still offers enough control to lay into a turn with plenty of force." says FCS.


With noticeable geometric similarities to the Performer template, but with less sweep, it has a balanced outline with smooth curves and moderate area in the tip. The fin also has a relatively short base in contrast to the higher depth value of the fin. The same template features across all three sizes.

"When you enter into a turn, this fin will respond without delay," says Biolos. "It’s a very versatile template that’s perfect for making acute directional changes in hollow sections, while providing enough control for advanced surfers performing at the highest level."

"The high depth value of the fin also provides great down-the-line stability, and has just enough bite when venturing out on the open face. The large size MB is particularly good for heavier surfers looking for a high performance fin."


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