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Heng-Liang Kuo & Leanne MacDonald claim Asia Cup

Fu-Cheng Chang © ASC/Hain



Asia Cup

ASC Tour Men's and Women's Shortboard event
ASC Tour Men's and Women's Longboard event
Riyue Bay, Hainan Island, China
2 - 4 December 2016

Longboard champs and wildcards selected as well

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 4 December, 2016 - Hainan Island, China - Yesterday saw the Asia Cup Men’s and Women’s Shortboard Division champions crowned just after the completion of the first round of the WSL World Long Championship Women’s Division, as the Longboard Divisions were completed and the WLC Wildcards selected in a long Saturday session the day before.

Claiming the Men’s Wildcards on Saturday were Toumei Chen from Taiwan and Wen-Yu Huong from China, who competed in the 24 man strong division with surfers from China, Japan, and Taiwan, and earning the Women’s Wildcard in the Women’s Longboard Division made up of 12 women from China, Japan, and Taiwan was Monica Guo from China.

These surfers will now have a chance to compete side-by-side with the world’s best men and women longboard surfers, a rare and exciting experience they will never forget, in the 2016 WSL World Longboard Championships that runs from 4-13 December.

The Men’s Shortboard Division saw Taiwanees surfer Heng-Liange Kuo take the number 1 spot fending off Fu-Cheng Chang (Gugu) from Kenting (TPE), who blasted past Indonesia’s Tipi Jabrik in the final minutes for his second place finish. 


Jabrik was the oldest competitor in the event pushing 40 years old, but held his own against the younger surfers jumping into the lead with a solid 6-point wave but just couldn’t find wave that would allow him another good score to back it up.  China’s super grom Alex came in fourth place, catching the most waves by far, and will no doubt mature into one of China’s best young surfers.

In the Women’s Shortboard division it was an all Taiwanese affair that saw 14-year-old Leanne MacDonald (Mei-Hsin Pan) put on a strong backhand performance to best Yun Chuang and twin sisters Yen-Tzu Chang and Yen-Chen Chang in the 30 minute final. 

The smallish wave conditions challenged the competitors but Leanne managed to find some open faces and blast some turns that impressed the judges, coming back to the beach with the first place finish.

The 2nd annual Asia Cup ran at Riyue Bay on Hainan Island from 2-4 December 2016.



Men’s Shortboard Division Results
1.  Heng-Liang Kuo (TPE)
2.  Fu-Cheng Chang (TPE)
3.  Tipi Jabrik (INA)
4.  Alex (CHN)

Women’s Shortboard Results
1.  Leanne MacDonald / Mei-Hsin Pan (TPE)
2.  Yun Chuang (TPE)
3.  Yen-Tzu Chang (TPE)
4.  Yen-Chen Chang (TPE)

Men’s Longboard Division Results
1.  Shohei Akimoto (JPN)
2.  Masaya Tsukamoto (JPN)
3.  Toumei Chen (TPE) - Wildcard
4.  Wen-Yu Huang (CHN) - Wildcard

Women’s Longboard Division Results
1. Taoka Natsumi (JPN)
2.  Monica Guo (CHN) - Wildcard
3.  Ju Yen (CHN)
4.  Yun-Cheih Wang (TPE)


Tim Hain

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