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Future Fins launches new website adds custom fin guide


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Future Fins officially launches their new website

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 28 July, 2008 : - - Huntington Beach - - Future Fins is proud to announce its official launch of their new website.  With the help of the entire Future Fins staff, team rider contribution, and retail and shaper input, Future Fins has created a user-friendly website.

“There is so much technical info about fins and hydrodynamics that it can sometimes be intimidating and overwhelming, so we created a website that allows surfers to easily select a fin by breaking the fins up into certain categories…the technical info is still there for people who want to learn more about why they are throwing up bigger turns, punting higher airs, or just making sections with ease” said Derek Young, Marketing/Regional Manager (HI)

Just like a surfboard, a fin for a surfer should be determined by the surfer’s weight and wave preference.  A surfer that weighs 200 lbs and who wants to surf Waimea Bay should not be riding a 5’11” x 18.25 x 2.25 shortboard, this surfer should be riding a 9’0” gun.  This analogy shows that surfers should be riding fins that reflect their weight and wave preferences just like surfboards. 

Knowing this, Future Fins has created a website that allows every surfer to easily find the perfect fin for themselves by breaking up every fin template into weight categories and then those templates are further broken up by wave preference (mushy, rippable, and hollow surf).  By process of elimination a surfer will have a handful of fins that are exactly meant for their specific body weight and wave preference.

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