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Futures Fins launches biocomposite SUP fin




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The RWC Keel biocomposite-based fin made from wood-plastic composite

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 14 February, 2017 - Surf equipment manufacturer, Futures Fins, is introducing a new fin for stand-up paddleboards (SUP) created from biocomposites. The RWC (reclaimed wood composite) Keel is an environmentally friendly biocomposite-based fin that meets, and in some aspects exceeds, traditional performance demands.

The new fin is made from a wood-plastic composite manufactured by Green Dot Bioplastics. Futures Fins came to Green Dot looking for an environmentally friendly material with the natural aesthetics of wood, that also met the performance requirements of the engineering-grade plastics normally used for this application. One of Green Dot’s Terratek wood-plastic composites, a blend of reclaimed wood fibers with recycled plastic, was the right solution.

Futures Fins’ prerogative has been to market products as the ultimate, premium performance. They use materials such as carbon fiber and Kevlar to produce high-quality, performance-driven, dramatic-looking fins. The new biocomposite fin disrupts this traditional marketing model.

Visually, The RWC Keel tells a different story than the other products. It’s a fin that looks and feels different than anything else Futures Fins manufactures, but performs at the same level, or better than many of the other fins for stand-up paddleboards.


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