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Gony Zubizarreta sets his sights on renewed WQS effort


Gony Zubizarreta : photo Aquashot/ASP Europe

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Gony Zubizarreta sets his sights on renewed WQS effort

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 2 February, 2009 : - - Vigo, Spain -- llast time we got news from Gony Zubizarreta was after he recovered from his ankle injury that kept him away for the ASP showdown in Hawaii. The 23-year-old Spanish surfer sent us some news about his last month around the globe including a 1-day perfect surf in Portugal's famous Ericeira area and one trip to the US for the first World Qualifying Series (WQS) event of the year and a trip to New york.

Find out what has been going on in Gony's life and what's coming up. Knowing Gony reached No. 33 on the ASP WQS ratings in 2008 despite his injury, the man is definitely one of Europe's favorites for a shot at next year's ASP World Tour. But we're a year from that. For now, here is the man's own words.

"We had some sick surf in Portugal a month ago... I just went down to Ericeira for one day on January 8. Marlon Lipke called me saying it was pumping and that Aritz Aranburu was there as well so I drove down from Galicia for four hours to surf with them and get some photos with Carl Steindler and Lars Jacobsen. Aritz left the same day so we were not able to surf together but we paddled out three times that day with Marlon and it was just so good.

We first went to Praia Azul where there was a really good sandbar with six-foot right and lefthanders breaking very close to the shore... And no one out! Fter that surf we drove went to Pedra Blanca where it was glassy and so rippable. All the locals were very nice and we were able to catch some really fun waves. With the tide going out, we moved again to the famous wave of Coxos and surfed until dark in perfect waves. That day was just amazing and surfing with Marlon is always a great boost because he is in good form and he was ripping."

"I was stoked to make the move and get all this good surf with my friends. Staying at home is not the best thing when you want to keep improving so it was just the right thing to do. But I could not stay any longer becuse I had to leave for the first ASP World Qualifying Series (WQS) event of the year in Florida where I did not well. After that I decided to go to New York and check out the city and the surf. I had a great time there and got some sick surf two hours North from the Big Apple, with little barreling clean waves just like Capbreton."

"I am back from the Baleares islands in the Mediterranean which has been pumping this winter. I spent four days there with Jose Maria Cabrera (CNY), Jaji Iglesias (ESP) and Oscar Vales (ESP) and we scored some fun bechbreaks and pointbreaks. Pablo Martinez got some shots and the article will be in the next issue of Surfer Rule coming out soon. The island of Menorca is amazing, really beautiful and the locals were really cool with us. They even showed us some secret spots. I injured my ankle yesterday again after I landed a frontside air and it hurts a little bit so I will have it checked at the hospital soon."

"My plan now is to train phisically at home until the 25th. If my ankle is OK I am planning a trip to Hawaii with Jose Maria Cabrera for a photo shoot for Volcom before getting back to competition with the two ASP WQS 6-Star Prime events in Australia and Tasmania."

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