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How is a springer different from a stringer on a surfboard?



Board Design

Inside Kelly Slater's Helium Gamma - a deep look at The Springer

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 24 November, 2017 - The internet's favorite surfboard review personality, Chris Grow, just took a deep look at Kelly Slater's new Gamma design by Firewire/SlaterDesigns.

The shortboard design from Mr. Slater comes in Firewire's new Helium construction and features a flat strip of wood on the center deck of the board where a stringer would be. The new design build called The Springer works differently than traditional stringers and is paired with parabolic balsa, paulownia wood rails.

"This video opens the kimono on what happens when Helium is paired with The Springer," says Grow. "The Springer illustrates how big payoffs can come from the simple changes; like redirecting the way that wood has traditionally been laid out within surfboard blanks."




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