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Ian Walsh to take Jamaican surfers under his wing

Ian Walsh : photo Tim McKenna

Red Bull Under My Wing

Ian Walsh to take Jamaican surfers under his wing

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 12 July, 2010 : - - Kingston, Jamaica; - Big-wave surfer, Ian Walsh, will host Red Bull Under My Wing, a two-day clinic that provides a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for Jamaica's most talented surfers. The clinic will be staged on July 15 at Cable Hut Beach, Bull Bay, and July 16 at Makka Beach in South Haven, also in St Thomas.

"I'm looking forward to my visit to Jamaica. For years I have strongly believed in providing young surfers with training and resources for them to have a better chance at making a living out of the sport, and the Red Bull Under My Wing will be a great opportunity for me to do just that with Jamaica's most talented young surfers," Walsh shared.

Although not a traditional sport on the Jamaican landscape, surfing has grown significantly in popularity in the last 8-10 years. Under the guidance of Billy Wilmot and the Jamaica Surfing Association, the sport has seen athletes perform on the world stage. 'Uncle Billy', as Wilmot is known, uses the sport as another way to teach values, attitudes and sportsmanship. He also sees the promise of Jamaica becoming a prized surfing destination.

"What's unique about Jamaican surfing is the culture that surrounds it; surfing, which is a world-recognised sport, is just one aspect of the experience that surfers have when they come here," explained Wilmot.

"The Jamaican surfing scene is garnering a lot of attention on the world map because we couple the surfing with the music and vibe that is uniquely Jamaican. We also have some real talent so it's great when a man like Ian Walsh comes into the island to offer training to the youth and encourage them to continue," he pointed out.

The aim of the Red Bull Under My Wing clinic is to provide young athletes with valuable tools, such as sport specific clinics and expert mentoring, to develop their skills in the sport they are passionate about.

The best athletes of the world sit down one-on one with the most talented youths and talk to them about correct nutrition and exercise, how to get sponsors, encourage positive relationships with the media and their best tips for competing, among other topics. Red Bull Under My Wing travels throughout the world, uniting talented young hopefuls with the best athletes to provide a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Ian has been part of the Red Bull Surfing team since 2004, the year that a picture of him riding a 70-foot wave in Maui circled the world and earned him the runner-up spot for the Billabong XXL Awards, behind legendary North Shore waterman, Pete Cabrinha. Since then, his name has been forever etched into the halls of big-wave riding. In 2008, his ride at Teahupo'o earned him the Surfer Poll 'Heavy Water' Award.

Walsh will also attend the 2010 Makka Pro surf competition, Jamaica's biggest Pro surfing event, to be held July 16-18 at Makka surfing beach

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