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Rave-worthy moments on the far north of planet earth



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Lighted surfboards set against jaw-dropping natural beauty

Editor's Note: This video news first appeared in July of 2015. The imagery is stunning enough to warrant a second running now, almost nine months later. Enjoy.

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 9 April, 2016 - It was a journey in search of waves to one of the coldest places in Europe, an odyssey where snow and ice are the protagonists. The surf in these conditions are often almost unbearable with winter temps sometimes hitting minus 25.

During the journey Hodei Collazo and Natxo Gonzalez discover a rippable right point and a throaty ledgy left that provides heaps of tube time.

Oh, and there’s some rave-worthy lighted surfboard moments as well.

Video recorded and edited by Igor Bellido and Mitxel Produkzioak. Surfers Hodei Collazo, Imanol Yeregi, & Natxo Gonzalez



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