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Kelly Says Surf series takes the show to Surf Snowdonia




Hannah and Dannie bring along Sara Taylor to the UK's man-made wave

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 30 March, 2017 - Hannah Bristow and Danny Maclennan aren't good surfers. But they tell a great story. The duo travel around documenting their sessions, adventures and, of course, their wipeouts.

The name of their series is "Kelly Says" as in preface almost any words of wisdom with "Kelly Says" and you will have a modern, Western take on the teachings of Yoda and the laws of Murphy. 

Their adventures take them through Australia, Scotland, France and home around the U.K.

In this latest episode, the girls head to Surf Snowdonia (A world-first inland surf lagoon in the Conwy Valley, North Wales) to show that you don't have to be a Pro to go and enjoy the wave there....though they did take along absolute shredder Sara Taylor from Huntington Beach California.



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