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Marc Andreini to be honored at Boardroom International Show



Surfboard Design

Icons of Foam 2018: Craftsman Marc Andreini To Be Honored

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 21 September, 2017 - Longtime Santa Barbara and north coast shaper Marc Andreini will be honored during the Icons of Foam Tribute to the Masters Shape-off presented by US Blanks at the 2018 Boardroom International Surfboard Show in Del Mar.
Marc Andreini has been designing, shaping and building custom surfboards for over 50 years. Andreini continues to be an active and prolific shaper, evolving and experimenting with different board types; recently leading the charge with the Greenough inspired Edge design concept.
“It is an honor for me to be considered amongst the likes of Diff, Yater, Bradbury, Merrick, all of the Icons.” said Andreini. “Thanks to all of them and the other craftsmen in our industry. See you all in May at The Boardroom.”

"We are delighted to honor Marc Andreini," said Scott Bass Boardroom Show Executive Director. "The Boardroom prides itself on acknowledging the best of the best. Andreini enjoys a fervent loyal following of surfers, and he is an underground legend. The shapers selected to compete in the shape-off will have their work cut out for them, as Marc's designs contain subtle flowing curves and rockers."
Past Icons of Foam honorees include Mike Diffenderfer, Bill Caster, John Bradbury, Dick Brewer, Renny Yater, Doug Haut, Simon Anderson, Carl Ekstrom, Mark Richards, Rich Price, Terry Martin, Ben Aipa, Rusty Preisendorfer, John Mel, Gerry Lopez, and Al Merrick.

The Boardroom, beginning it’s 11th year, is a consumer facing showcase for the surf manufacturing industry featuring shapers, designers, manufacturers, artists and of course the industry’s state-of-the-art surfboards. The show also highlights fins, wetsuits, skateboards, performance wear for both men and women, board shorts, technology, other hard-goods, the California Gold Surf Auction and much more. The Boardroom takes place May 5 & 6, 2018 at the Del Mar Fairgrounds.


Marc Andreini Shaping Highlights
1957 The Andreini family moves to Santa Barbara. Marc and his brother Pete began their life long surf journey at Ledbetter and Miramar, occasionally sneaking up to Hammonds when the older guys weren’t around.
1963 Andreini (and brother Pete) discover the White Owl Surf Shop in Summerland. Much to the chagrin of owner Jeff White the surf shop became their home away from home.  Not able to run them off, White puts them on what became the Surf N Wear Surf Team.  Andreini rides only White Owls up until the time they stop making them. Then Andreini starts making them himself!
1964 The first complete board (shaped and glassed) Andreini ever made is a belly board with materials sourced from White Owl scrap.
1968 Andreini makes his first legitimate surfboard, a Greenough templated 7’ 3” swallow tail. Andreini uses the remains of a beat up Owl salvaged from the cave at Steamer Lane. His career begins.
1970 Andreini’s quest for ultimate design expertise and craftsmanship begins and he builds two 6’ twin fins by hand --including the fins, using no power tools. Living in Half Moon Bay, Andreini builds board with Robert Johnson and one of his early customers was a grommet named Jeff Clark. Later that year he moves back to Santa Barbara.
1971 Andreini finds a paying job at Spindrift Surfboards and ends up buying them out, equipment and all for $125. He changes the name to Andreini Surfboards and continues as a full time surfboard shaper until 1979. Andreini builds boards for a loyal crew of surfers and picks up extra work glassing and sanding boards on the side for Al Merrick, Rennie Yater, John Bradbury and Bob Duncan.
1973 Andreini moves to the North Shore of Oahu with Bill Barnfield where they build boards and surf them at Pipeline. He picks up work glassing for Mike Eaton under the Bing label.
1975-1978 The Golden Years. Andreini shares a building alongside his idol Renny Yater on Gray Ave in Santa Barbara.
1979 Andreini goes into the insurance business but continues to build boards for himself and small loyal flock, including good buddy Kirk Putnam.
1987 Andreini and Putnam chat on the phone about a board they both admire in the classic surf flick “Innermost Limits of Pure Fun” -- a mid-length with a square tail. The two meet up at Yater’s shaping bay in Santa Barbara and the now classic Vaquero design takes form.  With a felt tip pen in hand, KP scripts “Vaquero de Los Olas”.
2002 Andreini is tasked with building 13 Hot Curls out of old growth redwood and the boards are the subject of several articles in the surf magazines.
2007 Andreini is selected by his peers to represent the Santa Barbara region competing in the first ever Icons of Foam Tribute to the Masters Shape-off honoring Mike Diffenderfer at the Sacred Craft (now The Boardroom).
2008 Andreini is selected to compete in the Icons of Foam Tribute to the Masters Shape-off honoring underground Santa Barbara shaper John Bradbury. Andreini wins the shape-off recreating a classic Bradbury 5' 11" stringerless EPS 4-channel tri-fin.
"It has to be Phil Edwards. Most people of my generation think that Phil Edwards is number one. Duke Kahanamoku will remain the godfather of all modern surfing. Phil Edwards is the performance version of The Duke. Grace, beauty, agility, finesse, and stateliness. Phil was a master of trim and positioning and surfing with speed. He was purely a trim-based surfer. In their respective books, Nat Young and Bob McTavish both cite that their primary influence in surfing was Phil Edwards. Skip Frye says that he and Mike Hynson, both two of the finest surfers, wore on their trunks a little inscription reading P.O.P.E. It stood for Protegés of Phil Edwards. Phil was the Holy Grail – he was the master. If you are a student of trim and power and flow – it all goes back to Phil Edwards."


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