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New documentary explores the enigmatic island of Maui





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Home to some of the world's most diverse and best waves, Maui also grooms a wide range of pros comfortable in a vast array of surf

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 23 April, 2017 - When winter swells collide with a chunk of reef just off the north shore of Maui, massive waves rise and crash to create one of the best big waves on earth. It’s called Peahi, or “Jaws,” and every year it attracts dozens of elite surfers from around the world to attempt a potentially lethal ride.

However, it’s the local crew that steals the show. An eclectic group childhood friends that followed each other into the Jaws lineup as teenagers, and through peer pressure and rivalries, pushed each other to unprecedented performances in the ensuing years. Then came the El Niño of 2016, which to served up the largest swells in recent memory. Follow the crew for an inside look at a season rife with nerves, injury, triumph and friendship.





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