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Mick Fanning

Coolangatta, Australia

"White Lightning" and "Eugene" are some of Mick's nicknames. The multiple World Title winner has undergone an amazing transformation from loud party guy to the poster child of professionalism. Mick has swapped beer cups for excercise balls on tour and in the process grabbed some world titles. Smooth, fast and polished, his surfing looks effortless and radical.

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14 February, 2017 - VIDEOS: Rip Curl went travelling with Mick Fanning recently on a hunch. In the process Mick and his support crew uncovered an amazing 5km...
26 January, 2017 - TEAM: Today, on Australia Day 2017 -- perhaps the most important of all Australian holidays -- three-time WSL World Champion Michael Eugene...
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24 August, 2016 - VIDEOS: From his effortless carves to his ability to find even the smallest of tubes, Mick Fanning was made for this wave. It was emotional,...
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8 August, 2016 - INDUSTRY: More than 500 surf industry VIPs came together to support the preservation and protection of the ocean at the SIMA Environmental...
Mick and KirraWaves/Lineups
Mick FanningGuy Candy


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