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New Chilli & Jason Rodd models hit the European market



Board Design

The Churro and Wraptor designed for small, gutless surf

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 30 January, 2017 - Chilli Surfboards and JR Surfboards have just released their new summer grovelling models to the European market.
The Churro by James Cheal and the Wraptor by Jason Rodd,are the latest designs from Australia to enjoy summer waves.

These boards were designed to make the onshore, gutless conditions that grace the European coastline between May and August look like Heaven.
CHURRO by James Cheal

"We needed a board to fit in our range that caters small waves, is forgiving, has a big generous sweet spot and performs," said James Cheal. "We had the perfect board right under our nose for over the past year. It’s designed mainly from Mitch Coleborn’s WQS small wave contest board."

Let’s break it down: the Churro has a semi wide outline with a rounded square tail (we offer a swallow too) but not too wide that it can’t be surfed with performance, just enough to be paddle-friendly in the small stuff and carry momentum through the fat sections.

The rocker is gentle through the nose all the way to the tail, enough curve in the board to fit the curl of a small wave and still generate speed when doing so. Single concave under the front foot all the way back through to behind the rear fin. It’s FAST.

All paired with a neat 5 fin set up. If you've ridden the Rare Bird, the dimensions on the Churro are almost identical so go off that or drop 3 inches from your short board.

WRAPTOR by Jason Rodd
A modern classic, built for small waves, the Wraptor is your perfect summer pal. It’s been created as a board that not only grovels but will also surf progressively in a steep pocket. It has a super flat rocker through the back end for speed, however the late Vee of the tail lets the board pivot without losing any drive.

"We lifted the rail line rocker up front enough to make it forgiving when you want it on rail," said Jason Rodd. "The nose area has been pulled in more than originally planned, and by narrowing the nose area it gains rail-to-rail ability without catching an edge. Underneath is a single, double concave to vee off the tail."

The swallow tail offers quick response while maintaining width for release in steep sections and stability in flatter sections. Pushing the fins to be more vertical than usual has given the board more drive. When riding a board with such a short rail line, this fin set up gives the board the feel of a more high performance short board with all the benefits and attributes of a proper grovel board... a true all rounder built for summer. The Wraptor should be ridden 4 to 5 inches shorter than your standard short board.


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