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The other Mexico. As found by Evan, Mitch and Mikala





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Mikala Jones, Mitch Crews and Evan Geiselman enjoy boardshorts weather and adventure

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 11 April, 2017 - Mainland Mexico is a gritty, tropical paradise filled with thumping blacksand beachbreak and rocky pointbreaks. And it makes for a great surf trip destination

As part of their Just Passing Through series Reef has launched an edit featuring Mikala Jones, Mitch Crews and Evan Geiselman enjoying boardshorts weather and adventure.

The three amigos, Mikala Jones, Mitch Crews and Evan Geiselman, dip down into Mainland Mexico for a quick strike of tacos and tubes. Despite not rearing up to its full intimidating form, this black sand stretch of beach didn’t let the crew down, providing a picturesque playground of fun surf and good times. Evan reeled in countless waves and a monster Snook, Mikala quietly bagged his usual quota of tube time and Mitch brought his infectious stoke and showed his capabilities both above and below the lip.




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