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Ouch! Dane cracks a vertebrae at Backdoor





Injury Updates

Dane Reynolds took an elevator drop to the reef at Backdoor recently, suffering a bruised tailbone and cracked vertebrae

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 4 April, 2017 - In an Instagram post the wildly popular Reynolds pushes late over the ledge on a thick wave. It’s not clear from the clip if he makes the drop or not. But one thing that’s obvious is that he comes up in pain.

“either u get blown out and u feel so rad and proud and stoked, or u get an elevator drop to the reef and bruise your tailbone and crack a vertebrae... “ Dane said in a post on Instagram. “such a fine line that defines your future when you take a wave at pipe! i got absolutely dominated last week .”

Both types of injuries are well-known for being extremely painful, but non-career threatening.




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