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Be Kind Rewind: Our Favorite Video Clips from 2016






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The famous and not-so-famous surf clips from this past year

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 27 December, 2016 - As the world’s attention spans shrink thanks to the barrage of high quality clips bandied about the internet, let’s slow down and take a good, long look at some of the finer moments from 2016. 

We gathered ten clips that appeared on our Video Page  this year. The clips below were collected not based on likes, shares, views, reach or impressions - but solely on their ability to make us want to go surfing.

Our Favorite Clips:

Clay Marzo in West Oz: It’s been tough times for Clay after being cut loose from Quiksilver and allegedly loosing his life savings to his Maui accountant. Now relocated in Western Australia with support from sponsors Superbrand, Carve and JSLV the layback savant has aired some amazing clips of himself mindsurfing rock-reef lefthand barrels.

Benji Brand at Skeleton Bay: Start your timers. This one is long, smooth and hard-to-believe, even by Skeleton Bay standards.

Steph Gilmore at Kelly’s Wave: There was a steady barrage of clips slung across media channels from the crew at Kelly Slater Surf Ranch, but it wasn’t until we saw Stephanie Gilmore get a 40-second barrel that we collectively breathed a deep sigh of Oh. My. God.

Drone shot of Skeleton Bay: It was refreshing to see a different perspective of the internet’s most famous wave. The drone footage let’s us see just how close to shore the waves break and also how expansive the area is surrounding Skeleton Bay.

The Eddie went and it was amazing: We waited a handful of years for this moment. And when Eddie Went, he WENT. John John Florence took top honours on a day that will be remembered in the annals of big-wave surfing.

Shore Slam Phenom: El Nino turns fuels shore break heaven in this creative clip by Mike Lucas Media. The ‘sometimes’ surf break worked through last year’s El Nino fuelled storms bringing a thumping novelty wave to normally placid Seal Beach


Volcom Pipe Pro Final Day: The world’s attention usually focuses on The Pipe Masters and the crowning of a world champ. However, the event is often held too early in the season. Consequently the WSL’s sister event, The Volcom Pipe Pro, runs in February and secures some of the best surf of the North Shore season.

Kai Lenny mind-surfing Jaws: When the world went gaga over tow surfing two decades ago, we were all a bit disappointed with the result (although no one would admit it). Sure new, giant waves were being challenged, but also a lot of smaller, too-easy days at marginal breaks were thrown into the mix and media. But the other letdown was that we all had collectively visualised a manner of surfing a giant wave the same way one would surf a fun day at Lowers. Well, it took 20 years (roughly) to get to this point. Here’s Kai Lenny playing with giant, dangerous bombs at Pe’ahi the same way he would the right at Lowers.

Poland launches its first surf movie: There’s a diehard crew that surf the Baltic Sea whenever it gets cold, windy and stormy. The documentary focuses on one particularly memorable day in the land of a thousand lakes.


Dusty Payne POV at Honolua: While Dusty has an on-again-off-again relationship with the World Tour, one thing he can be sure of is getting barrelled at Honolua Bay



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