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Reef brand wins SIMA footwear product of the year award




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Swellular Technology feature pushes Reef into the winners category

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 3 April, 2017 - SIMA, the Surf Industry Manufacturers Association, runs each year the SIMA Awards as "a program that strives to identify the surf industry’s most influential and innovative companies and recognize them for their efforts to advance and grow the industry."

Reef won in the footwear category this year thanks to the innovative product franchise called Swellular Technology, which experienced a continuous evolution season after season.

"We really wanted to go out there and tackle the market with an innovative footwear and create a super versatile, comfortable and durable product, and embodied that through a surf lens" said Colton , Product Line Manager for Shoes at Reef.

Meanwhile Amanda Dratler, Product Line Manager Girls Sandals, added "When we created Swellular Technology, we did it through a 3-layer system. The first one is comfort with a super soft Swellular foam. Then, you get to the midsole where we have our support as a harder durometer of our Swellular foam. Ultimately, you get to our traction, where we had incorporated on the outsole the thread pattern our swell lines from the ocean. With that, we were able to create this awesome really grippy rubber outsole thread pattern, so when you are hiking uphill or walking downhill, you really not going to slip around; which is really important for us".


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