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Senior Moments: Kiwi Nationals run short day of old stars

Marc Moore.  Image courtesy of Cory / NZ Surfing Magazine
Marc Moore © Cory / NZ Surfing Magazine




2017 National Surfing Championships 
pres by Health 2000

Surfing New Zealand
Piha Beach, Auckland New Zealand
8 - 14 January, 2017

Short Day Of Surfing Precludes Pending Swell

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 11 January, 2017 - It was a short day of surfing out west at Piha Beach today as the 2017 National Surfing Championships heads towards a big finish and the large swell that is forecasted to pummel the coastline over the next two days.

For the entire week, a big Southern Ocean storm has been brewing in the Tasman and the forecast has been for a 2.0m – 3.0m swell to hit Piha for the final two days of the event. 

That forecast is now playing out and the winds are expected to swing to the southwest at some stage during Friday, cleaning up surface conditions and providing a perfect platform for the best surfers in New Zealand to compete on.

The improvement in waves will see the premier Open Men’s and Women’s Divisions hit the water for the first time in four days as they resume their campaigns towards securing coveted national titles.

Billy Stairmand (Rag) and Ella Williams (WGM) will resume their title defences as will Elliot Brown (Dun) and Elin Tawharu (Mnt) in the Under 18 Divisions.

Friday will also see the inclusion of the Stand Up Paddleboard Divisions for the first time this week with the likes of Daniel Kereopa (Rag) and Ollie Houghton (Auck) taking to the water.

Today saw the completion of only eight heats in the senior divisions in small 1.0m waves which were affected by a northwest wind. 

Standout for the day was 1998 National Champion Chris Malone (Rag) in the Over 28 Men’s Division.  Malone rode to a 14.0 point total to advance to the final of the division where he will face Jarred Hancox (Tara), Alan Te Moananui (Kaik) and Jeremy Grainger (Tara).

Malone also advanced to the final of the Over 35s Division but this time was dominated by Marc Moore (Auck) who looked impressive surfing to a 14.0 point heat total.  He will contest the final along with defending champion Jarred Hancox (Tara) and Piha local Chris Fougere making up the final four surfers.

It was Marc Moore (Auck) that again looked strong in the Over 40s Division advancing to the final alongside Mike Mulcahy (Piha), Deane Hishon (Rag) and Ben Kennings (WGM).

Whangarei surfer Derek Brunker top scored in the Over 50s Division surfing to a 10.77 point heat total advancing to the final alongside David Mann (Auck) who also looked to be in good form.  They will be joined by the smooth-surfing Paul Halford (Auck) and Piha’s Phil Wallis when they contest their final on Saturday.

A call will be made on the order of events at 7am on Friday with a possible 8am start.  The Standup Paddleboard Divisions will be run through to completion on Friday. Set out below are the results from day five of the 2017 National Surfing Championships presented by Health 2000 held at Piha Beach, Auckland today.

Over 28s Division Semifinals
Heat 1 Jarred Hancox (Tara), 1, Al Te Moananui (Kai), 2, Darren Wedderell, N/S

Heat 2 Chris Malone (Rag), 14.3, 1, Jeremy Grainger (Tara), 11.4, 2, Chad Dowsett (Auck), 8.33, 3, Sean Hovell (Gis), 6.73, 4

Over 35s Division Semifinals
Heat 1 Jarred Hancox (Tara), 13.1, 1, Chris Fougere (Piha), 8.27, 2, Jeremy Grainger (Tara), 7.5, 3, Andrew Robinson (Auck), N/S

Heat 2 Marc Moore (Auck), 14, 1, Chris Malone (Rag), 9.5, 2, Nolan Hungerford, 5.3, 3

Over 40s Division Semifinals
Heat 1 Ben Kennings (WGM), 7.83, 1, Mike Mulcahy (Piha), 5.2, 2, Kevin Stanley - Hunt (Auck), N/S

Heat 2 Marc Moore (Auck), 10.3, 1, Deane Hishon (Rag), 8.3, 2, Alan Te Moananui (Kaik), 6.9, 3

Over 50s Division Semifinals
Heat 1 Paul Halford (Mnt), 10.57, 1, Phil Wallis (Piha), 6.63, 2, Michi Jungwirth (Rag), 5.87, 3, Adam Clayton (Auck), 5.17, 4

Heat 2 Derek Brunker (Whangarei), 10.77, 1, David Mann (Auck), 10.47, 2, Peter Harding (Piha), 6.67, 3, Tui Eves (Auck), 5.77, 4

Ben Kennings

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