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Surf-focused comic examines the sweetest season



Surf Culture

Pablo Ballesteros and Maxi Gonzalez issue latest Surf & Comics feature

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 12 October, 2017 - Comic scriptwriter Maxi Gonzalez has partnered with friend Pablo Ballesteros to produce the latest in a series of graphic novels focused on surfing. The first, “The Wave Conjurer” followed a surfer with the ability to produce waves wherever he goes. Their latest effort, is all about what happens when the summer crowds go home.

"The summer is over, and what for almost all other human beings is cause for sadness, for us, surfers, it's a joy," says Gonzalez. "The tourists begin to disappear from the beaches, giving them back the peace and tranquility that we so long for; the sea awakens from its summer lethargy and the swells of autumn begin to reach our shores; and, more important, THE SUMMER SURFERS, those strange creatures, return to their normal lives.



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