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Surfersvillage Facebook LIVE hard tests 5 top wetsuits




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Drop in for an exclusive, honest tech talk and wetsuit review this week

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 22 November, 2016 - Lost in a sea of marketing terminology that doesn’t deliver any real information? Rest easy. On Wednesday November 23rd SurfersVillage will take their popular wetsuit gear review and broadcast LIVE on Facebook a detailed run down on five major new suits.

Viewers will be able to send in their questions and get answers from our expert editorial staff. We’ll even advise which type of wetsuit is best suited for your particular needs. Which is better, outer seam taping or inner seam taping? What does all that fluffy stuff do on the inside of a wetsuit? Find out.

“There have been a lot of advances in wetsuit design and materials lately,” said Gear Editor Bryan Dickerson. “However, that doesn’t mean that any wetsuit off the shop rack will work for you. It’s important to know which designs have better stretch, which ones have better insulation and which ones are worth your hard-earned cash.”

Earlier this season Surfersvillage tested six new wetsuit models from brands Sooruz, Patagonia, Body Glove, Tiki, Superbrand/Narval and O'Neill. The suits ranged in price from mid-level to top-end and came in a variety of thicknesses from 3/2 to 5/4/3.

To bring you the best information we looked closest at the most important components in wetsuits: the rubber and the seams. Then we focused on the smaller factors that make or break a wetsuit. We took it out the box, pulled on it, wore it, swam in it and finally, surfed in it.

What did we find? Well, there's a great range of choices in rubber out there with the current trend being alternative neoprenes. We tested two suits that use the latest Yulex petroleum-free natural rubber (Sooruz and Patagonia), and we also tested a limestone-based neoprene suit (Tiki) as well. The rest of the suits we tested are made with some variation of traditional neoprene by brands (Narval, Body Glove and O'Neill.)

Tune in as we answer these questions and offer advice. This is not a paid advertising section on Surfersvillage. All suits receive honest, tough testing.

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