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Survey Says: Surfwear no longer cool with Aussie kids




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Athleisure brands taking up big chunk of cool within kid demographic

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 4 April, 2017 - Australia’s Roy Morgan Research company is reporting that Aussie kids are ditching surf brands in favour of sportswear labels like Adidas and Nike.

In a report yesterday the market research company said that the big surf brands have dropped in favour during the last nine years, in some cases by as much as 43%

In 2007 Aussie kids between the ages of six and 13 were asked the question “What is really cool” and given a list of brands, games, TV shows and toys to choose from.

Nine years ago 46% of the kids said Billabong was cool. The same question posed this year by the research group reported only 14% acknowledged Billabong as being “cool.”

“Those in the apparel trade will know that this is consistent with a wider slump for surf-wear, which has struggled (along with many other local clothing retailers) to compete with the influx of cheap’n’cheerful international retailers such as H&M and Topshop,” said Norman Morris, Industry Communications Director, Roy Morgan Research.

While some in the surf industry may suggest that this new data is meant to scare surf brands into hiring firms like Roy Morgan to navigate a changing retail market, one can’t deny that surf brands have had a tough go of it since the recession of 2008. However, many in the surf industry say that brands simply grew too large to stay true to their surf-roots.

“Furthermore, surf culture in Australia has moved so far from its rough-and-ready roots that it’s now part of the mainstream, with even former PM Tony Abbott hitting the waves,” Morris continued. “On the other hand, Nike and Adidas are benefitting from the current athleisure craze, with kids (especially girls) clearly responding to sportswear’s popularity with fashionistas around the world.”

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