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Top Surfersvillage Facebook Posts of 2016




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Best of the year as they appeared on the world's biggest social media channel

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 29 December, 2016 - In a social media world ripe with Machiavellian subplots, twists and turns, we can thankfully still count on surf clips to be exactly what they appear to be - fun, short bursts of entertainment and stoke.

Facebook was front and centre in the news this year for everything from swaying the election in Donald Trump’s favour by spreading fake news about a Clinton and Podesta pedophile ring at a pizza resturaunt (look up #pizzagate) to forcing its users deeper and deeper into the ‘filter bubble’ - a place where users are only exposed to like-minded opinions and therefore cannot grow and develop emotionally. 

We can debate the pitfalls and power of online social media but as the year draws to a close we’d prefer to celebrate it as Facebook has been the medium to deliver some amazing surf clips this season.

So what were the most popular video clips on the Surfersvillage Facebook page after the Facebook algorithm had its mathematical way with them? Glad you asked. Let’s have a look at the Top 5 Surfersvillage Facebook clips of 2016:

1_All stars enjoy all time Hawaiian sessions: 


2_Unusually big storms threw surf to Australia's east coast allowing for Red Bull to run their Cape Fear event. Worst wipeout of the contest? You decide: 



3_Radical Times In Western Autralia: 


4_Combustion: Magic Sandbars Of Southwest France Turn On For One Day starring RAMZI BOUKHIAM, Nelson Cloarec, Charly Martin, Leonardo Fioravanti, Charly Quivront, Aritz Aranburu, Joan Duru, Tom Cloarec, Marc Lacomare and more: 


5_Gorilla - Kai Otton: Kai Otton 'Ottz' goes on a secret slab hunting mission :



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