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Veterans & groms battle it out on Day 3 of Kiwi Nationals

Tui Eves © Cory / NZ Surfing Magazine




2017 National Surfing Championships 
pres by Health 2000

Surfing New Zealand
Piha Beach, Auckland New Zealand
8 - 14 January, 2017

Rough ride at Piha with surf in the 4-5ft mark and continued onshore westerly winds

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 9 January, 2017 - Competitors from two ends of the spectrum contested the third day of the 2017 National Surfing Championships presented by Health 2000 at Piha today with the oldest generation mixing it with the youngest.

Competitors spanned six decades today with surfers contesting the youngest Under 14 Boys Division and the oldest Over 60s Division. The conditions continued to give surfers a rough ride at Piha with surf in the 1.0m – 1.5m mark and continued onshore westerly winds prevailing throughout the day.

Many of the competing seniors were parents of a second generation of surfers at the event, primarily there to support their children, but deep down, resurfacing that desire to test their mettle against old friends and foes they see on an annual basis.

Where parents usually sit on the beach throwing instructions to the ocean, they were replaced with young surfers barely in their teens, giving advice on where to sit in the Piha line up, how to construct a heat and formulate a back-up plan.  Those parents that listened to their children prevailed as it is those young surfers that have already endured two days of rough Piha conditions.

Two such surfers were Raglan’s Phill Willoughby and Michi Jungwirth.  Willoughby surfed to the highest heat score of the day 14.0 points out of a possible 20 in his Over 45s Division semifinal. 

The low tide conditions at Piha bar offered up just enough resemblance to the point breaks of Raglan for Willoughby to rack up the big heat total. Jungwirth contested the Over 50s Division and advanced through to the semifinals which will be contested in the next two days.

Other parents that excelled included local surfer Phil Wallis and Derek Brunker (Whangarei) in the Over 50s Division and Phill Griffin (Mnt) in the Over 55s Division.

While the parents were competing in abundance, it was those that are still young at heart that also shone through.  The biggest turn of the day came from Tui Eves (Auck) who smashed the big walling waves on the outer bank of the Piha Bar.  Eves progressed through to the final of the Over 45s Division and semifinals of the Over 50s Division.

Raglan’s Deane Hishon also looked strong after an enforced injury break from the line up making the final of the Over 45s Division.

In the Over 60s Division it as David Storck (Piha) and Rupert Newbold (Ocean Beach) that advanced to the final where they will meet Mike Trainer (Auck) and local legend Clive Barron (Piha) in the final tomorrow.

It is the first time that the Under 14 Girls Division has been contested at the National Champs and today the participants had to battle solid conditions on the low tide to advance through to the final.

Christchurch surfer Ava Henderson showed a huge amount of guts taking on the waves and posting an 11.0 point heat total to advance alongside Brie Bennett (Rag) who also looked comfortable.  In the second semifinal it was local surfer Alice Westerkamp that advanced alongside Natasha Gouldsbury (Levin). 

The final heats of the day saw Jayden Willoughby (Rag) and Myka Black (Chch) win through to the final of the Under 14 Boys Division and they will be joined by Tom Robinson (Whangarei) and Kora Cooper (Rag) in the final.

The swell is expected to decrease to the smallest size of the week on Wednesday and variable 10 knot winds are forecast.  Another full day of surfing is expected to take place with a number of finals for the youngest divisions as well as the senior divisions and longboards being held.

Set out below are the results from day three of the 2017 National Surfing Championships presented by Health 2000 held at Piha Beach, Auckland today (Tuesday 10th January).

Under 14 Girls Division Semifinals
Heat 1
Ava Henderson (Chch), 11, 1, Brie Bennett (Rag), 10, 2, Daizee Rawls (Gis), 4.93, 3
Heat 2
Natasha Gouldsbury (Levin), 4, 1, Alice Westerkamp (Auck), 3.1, 2, Hannah King (Gis), 1.93, 3

Under 14 Boys Division Semifinals
Heat 1

Jayden Willoughby (Rag), 13.9, 1, Tom Robinson (Whngrei), 10.33, 2, Tom Butland (Tara), 9.53, 3, James Ririnui (Mnt), 7.83, 4
Heat 2
Myka Black (Chch), 11.63, 1, Kora Cooper (Rag), 9.4, 2, Finn Vette (Gis), 8.8, 3, Josef Jungwirth (Rag), 7.97, 4

Over 45s Division Semifinals
Heat 1
Phil Wallis (Piha), 11.5, 1, Deane Hishon (Rag), 5.73, 2, Adam Clayton (Auck), 1.27, 3
Heat 2
Phill Willoughby (Rag), 13.5, 1, Tui Eves (Auck), 10.1, 2, Mike Mulcahy (Piha), 8.67, 3

Over 50s Division
Heat 1
Phil Wallis (Piha), 9.87, 1, Peter Harding (Piha), 6.9, 2, Brendan Shadbolt (Piha), 5.67, 3, Nigel Hunt (Auck), 4.4, 4
Heat 2
Adam Clayton (Auck), 8.6, 1, Derek Brunker (Whangarei), 4.27, 2, John Roussey (Chch), 3.67, 3
Heat 3
Tui Eves (Auck), 7, 1, Paul Halford (Mnt), 4.9, 2, Blair Walker (Piha), N/S
Heat 4
David Mann (Auck), 8.5, 1, Michi Jungwirth (Rag), 5.93, 2, Jack Griffith (Auck), 4.17, 3, Cam Cutmore (Ham), 3.47, 4

Over 55s Division
Heat 1
Garry Pike (Piha), 8.83, 1, David Storck (Piha), 7.87, 2, Gary Hurring (Wgtn), 3.6, 3, Peter De Mooij (Mnt), 3.53, 4
Heat 2
Jack Griffith (Auck), 10.33, 1, Phil Griffin (Mnt), 4, 2, Michael Gray (Auck), 3.27, 3, Marguerite Vujcich (Hbay), 0.83, 4

Over 60s Division
Heat 1

David Storck (Auck), 7.4, 1, Rupert Newbold (Ocean Beach), 7.13, 2, Michael Gray (Auck), 5.33, 3

Heat 2
Clive Barron (Piha), 2, 1, Mike Trainer (Auck), 1, 2, John Gisby (Gis), N/S, Ross Moodie (Gis), N/S

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