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What's the most consistent spot in the Maldives ?

A world-class wave at your front door.
A world-class wave at your front door © Sprout Daily





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Aussie surf guide Joey James adds another dimension to the camp in and out of the water

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 31 January, 2017 - So just what is the most consistent spot in the Maldives? According to a recent blog post by The Perfect Wave Travel, it's Cokes. The famed break was discovered decades ago and has slowly evolved into one of the most sought after lineups in the Maldive Islands.

The 2016 season at Cokes was awesome. With the cooperation of the swell and the weather elements, we banked a lot of surf memories. There is absolutely no reason why 2017 will be any different.

I believe that North Male Atoll in the Maldives is one of the most consistent surf magnets in the world and Cokes is the focal point of this action. From March to October, the surf is relentless and we have a proof with all the posts logged in 2016. The swell ranges from 3 ft to 8 ft and the wind is always offshore. How is that for a surfing nirvana!

Cokes from the tower © A. Shield

On my first trip to the Maldives, sixteen years ago, I was amazed that my two-week surf holiday produced the goods every day. A week on a safari boat and a week at a resort, I could not believe my luck. As it turned out after coming to the Maldives every year since my first trip, it was not luck. It is normal.

Cokes Surf Camp has come a long way since it accommodated our first guests in 2009. A lot of ups and downs dealing with operating a business in a foreign country. Now after two years on the front foot, I have a surf hotel of which I am proud.

Across the channel, Chickens works its magic © by Lozza James

From the balcony at Cokes Surf Camp you enjoy the most commanding view of the Cokes lineup, it does not get any better! Adding to the experience, you also get a clear view of Chickens break across the channel, you wont miss a wave or an opportunity to make the most of it.

To further enhance the experience at Cokes Surf Camp, our Aussie Manager and head chef Troy Huggert creates excellent food for all our guests, not to mention his commanding presence in the line up.

Joey James, our Aussie surf guide, adds another dimension to the camp in and out of the water, sharing his special infectious charisma. Our local guides Hisham and Shimatee add the local feel to the Cokes Surf Camp making guests feel at home, although away from home. And the main men at Cokes Surf Camp, Kaka, Sumon and Fruku, the ones who really do all the hard work are absolute legends.

Brian James

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