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Yes you can go surfing with Bob McTavish in the Maldives



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The Perfect Wave’s epic lineup for this season includes boat trip with Bob McTavish

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 25 January, 2018 - Yes it’s still January, but some of us are eyeing the southern hemisphere swell season already. The Perfect Wave Travel has a special lineup of events for this upcoming season, the highlight of which is Bobby Mac’s May Maldives Southern Atolls trip. Legendary pioneering surfer, shaper and journeyman Bob McTavish will be on hand to surf and talk story with guests during a very special trip.

“The reality is we rarely get the chance to organise our mates let alone getting the opportunity to go with an absolute legend or icon of our sport/lifestyle,” says Ben Horvath of The Perfect Wave Travel. “Bob McTavish is a household name. The original storyteller, short board revolution pioneer, shaper, stylist, comedian. Bob will share a lifetime of experience on the voyage. Bob shows no signs of slowing down, and will take guests surfing daily. You will never have this much fun..... Take this chance to embark on the trip of a lifetime with your favourite icon - Bob McTavish.”


Book/Enquire via The Perfect Wave, here

This May 9-17, 2017.

It will sell out as there are only 5 x spots aboard left.

o    9 - 17 May 2018
o    Luxury surf charter boat
o    Surf with Bob McTavish
o    Music with Murray Paterson from The Dark Horses, Headland Music.
o    Air conditioned cabins
o    Night travel to maximise surf time
o    16m Dhoni (tender)
o    5m Dinghy (tender)
o    Photo & video package by Andy Potts
o    Expert surf guides
o    TPW service guarantee
o    TPW Surf Experience Manager.



“I've been surfing for just over 60 years, non stop,” says McTavish. “I”ve surfed Hawaii and Cali heaps in da sixties. Tahiti, Japan, NZ, Taiwan, Philippines, Spain, France, England, Tassie, Lord Howe, most of Australian coast after that. NEVER have I seen waves as good as my last Perfect Wave trip to the Maldives!”

McTavish continues: “This coming trip in May our whip-smart guide Brian is actually picking us up in Mali Airport, loading us on a small plane, and flying us all the way down to the southern Attolls where we join the Naera, our trusty motoring palace for eight days, cruising back thru the South, the Central, and back to the Northern Attols. New spots! Reliable old ones! And Brian's secret last surf before we fly out! This may be my last trip with The Perfect Wave as I’m starting to feel the pain surfing 7 or 8 days in a row, so grab one of those last spots, its going to be a blast! Plus onboard endless laughs and fun, heaps of great Sri Lankan and eastern grub. Cold Euro beer on tap, best non-threatening surf trip on the planet!! A few spots left... act fast.”


Bob McTavish is a man that has lived more than a few lifetimes worth of amazing experiences and knows a thing or two about the history of surfing and board technology. Credited with the first shortboard ever made, as well as discovering many iconic surf spots, Bob is truly a surfing pioneer.

The trip takes place on the spacious MV Naera surf charter, and guests will be surfing some of the most perfect waves in the Maldives will getting to hang out and talk story a legendary pioneer of our sport/lifestyle.

“Bob is pleased to announce that his surfing/musician friend Murray Patterson from The Dark Horses and Headland Music is going to be playing some impromptu sets of an evening as extra entertainment during the week,” added Horvath. “Also professional photographer and videographer Andy Potts is going to be aboard shooting clips and photos. Andy will negotiate price packages individually with clients aboard.

Limited Availability - max 12 surfer spots.



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